2001 Regional Meeting: August 9 (Los Angeles/Orange County)

Dinner in Costa Mesa.

General Discussion: Given the diverse interests of our alumni, faculty, trustees, students, and college friends, how can we facilitate mentoring and enduring relationships among smaller groups with common interests within our larger group? Facilitated by Prof. Gary Evans, preceded by a brief description by faculty member David Harris about his new entrepreneurial project as an example.

Business Problem Discussion: *To experiment with this format. David J.A. Simpao, co-founder with Yen L. Pham of Nemesis, a contract engineering firm specializing in product development located in Dana Point, will describe his company’s background, then introduce for general discussion a business problem (or problems) faced by his company. The intent is to solicit commentary and suggestions from the audience. This is, in part, an experiment to test the popularity and proper format for this type of agenda item.