2001 Regional Meeting: July 19 (San Francisco)

Afternoon-early evening in San Francisco.

Best Practice Address:

A discussion by Stanford Professor Mike Flynn about entrepreneurial programs at Stanford.

All-Room Discussion 1:

The HMC Entrepreneurial Network is, in part, a mentoring and advisory body designed to help emerging entrepreneurs and others who seek advice. What is the best format for establishing these connections: How do we get those who need expert advice in touch with those who are willing to offer it? Professor Evans will facilitate this discussion.

All-Room Discussion 2:

Should this group establish a formal framework where business ideas can be pitched for critical review? Professor Michael Raugh will facilitate this discussion.

All-Room Discussion 3:

Harvey Mudd College is planning a three-day entrepreneurial conference in April 2002. We have some ideas for the agenda and want to solicit your advice on how to make this conference a big success.