2018 HMC Computer Science Summer Entrepreneurial Research Program

Please welcome the 2018 participants:

Donely Gunn, HMC ‘19
Ke Jin, HMC ‘21
Shivam Malpani, HMC ‘21
Cynthia Oh, HMC ‘21
Sascha Reynolds, HMC ‘20
Rakia Segev, HMC ‘21
Brittany Wang,  HMC ‘19
Monica Yao,  HMC ‘21

They are currently in the idea assessment stage. They have had idea-sharing sessions with Josh Jones of HMC INQ and Quinntin Ruiz (Pomona ’17) and attended a blockchain-based workshop in Pasadena on May 30.

After work this summer, the students/teams will present at TechSparks, a Pasadena-based pitch night, and at HMCEN events. Stay tuned!

Last update: 6/2/2018