ArkServers – There are certain online games, like Ark: Survival Evolved, where many players will rent servers for themselves and their friends to play together. The server software is available for free from the game’s creators, but configuring it requires technical skills, and running it around the clock requires reliable hardware and fast Internet. takes care of these needs by hosting the game server software for $14 per month. I built a web-based control panel that my clients use to set up the game server exactly how they like, and then I run it on excellent hardware with fast Internet. As of March 2018, I am running 2300 paid game servers, all of them for Ark: Survival Evolved. I expect to grow further by adding many more games before the end of the year. I haven’t raised money beyond the $120k invested by HMCINQ because the company is already profitable and growing.


Sergey Tsalkov (HMC ’09), Founder

I’m Sergey! I’m a computer science graduate from Harvey Mudd College ’09. I’ve been self-employed since 2010, in which time I’ve started and worked on a variety of my own projects, both to keep myself entertained and to bring in an income.

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